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We appreciate that for most people extending their home is a large undertaking fraught with potential problems and expense and that it may be the first time that they have been involved with the planning and construction process. For this reason at the start, and as the project develops, we are completely clear about what will be required and the cost. We aim to ensure that there are no surprises or ‘hidden’ extra costs.

Architectural Services, Fees and Stages

Our design fees are fixed and are related to the size and function of a building. As part of our FREE initial consultation we will determine with you what you would like to achieve from your project and will then give a fixed fee based upon a written understanding of your brief.

Our Services

Home adaptations for disabilities

We can adapt your home to suit your abilities and are experienced in providing schemes from wet rooms to entire homes to suit your needs.


We believe in promoting independent living by inclusive design; whether you need a walk in shower, wheel-chair lift, extension to your home or an entire refurbishment.  


We work closely with Occupational Therapists who can assess your needs to help us design places that put people at the heart of the design process and respond to human diversity and difference.  In this manner we produce designs which offer dignity, autonomy and choice, whilst being flexible in use.  Please feel free to contact us for more details.  

Planning applications for extensions

Planning Applications - further information

Where there are elements that cannot be reasonably costed – for example structural calculations which may depend on the final design – we will give you an approximate cost following our first visit and a fixed cost as soon as the final design is agreed.  


Beware of very low quotes - they may be just 'Sketch' views for planning purposes only, and not have the detail needed for construction in which case most construction companies will not be able to tender for the project.


The following list covers the items that should be budgeted for;


Planning Meeting - For most projects a brief site meeting is sufficient for us to be able to provide a fixed price quotation for the design work and planning applications. Occasionally a longer 'on site' meeting may be required to discuss the options available and the planning process itself.


Permitted Development - Where the project can be completed within the rules for a 'Permitted Development' - from £350 including discussing the project with local planners to confirm that the works are within the permitted development rules, and obtaining a certificate of Lawful Construction.


Planning Applications - Full drawings of existing & proposed floor plans, elevations and sections, submitting the application and any amendments called for by planners– prices from £650


Local Authority Planning Application Fees – Currently £175.  


Building Regulations - Preparing and submitting a Full Plans Application based on the planning drawings and including changes called for by Building Control – prices from £450


Building Regulations Application Fees – Currently £145


Building Regulations Site Inspection Fees – Currently between £135 - £410


Structural Calculations – Most extensions will require structural Calculations for elements involving beams and roof changes, the cost of these calculations will vary with the size and design of the works. Your quotation will include guidance on this but typically you should expect the charges to be in the range £200 to £400 for most domestic extensions.


Party Wall Agreements - We can advise on the need for party wall agreements.


All charges are on a Pay-as-you-go basis – you are not committed to stages that are not reached.


Planning Application


The completion of a Planning Application usually follows the following form;


Feasibility – the initial discussion where we go through the big questions, what can be achieved, what cost, do we need planning permission etc. This element is freeand ends with our providing you with a detailed fixed price quotation for all the design elements.


Site Survey – this is where we spend several hours on site to complete CAD drawings of the existing property, the plans & elevations which will form the basis of our design work.


Proposed Drawings – we use the drawings to produce our 1st draft of the proposed extension. These initial drawings are emailed to you in a form that allows you to review and make changes before returning to us to edit the proposal. This process continues until you are happy with the design. It starts with the basic outline of the extension and adds detail as we work together.


Submit the Application – once the design is finalised we then add detail and other elements required by the planners, complete the application form and submit. Following submission we may be asked to change the design by the planners – this is usually straightforward – the important thing from your point of view is that there is no charge for these changes.


Consent Achieved – most applications receive consent, some will have been amended and most will have conditions attached covering certain details. Some applications will be rejected – it must be remembered that no one can guarantee that a planning application will succeed – we will do all we can to achieve consent and will amend and re-submit if necessary.


You now have permission to build your extension – You now need to consider building regulations. Our standard drawings include all the detail needed for your builder to complete the works using a Builders Notice, or you may prefer to complete a Full Plans Application. (See ‘Building Regulations’ above.)

Project Management

Managing a large architectural project can often be a daunting and time-consuming commitment.  We can help you to mange your project, dealing with the on-site and day-to-day hassles on your behalf whilst keeping you updated every step of the way.


Detailed accounts help you to keep abreast of your finances and we can keep you up to date with photos and emailed reports if you are unable to attend site.